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Great Gatherer Comments #2 - Lightning Bolt (M10)

"You have to help us!" Wizards says, barging in to the tiny office. "Creatures have taken over the game! Elf decks, Jund decks, Fae, Zoo- hyper-efficient creatures and underpriced bombs! You have to stop them! They’ve killed draw-go, and turned the game into a four-turn clock." 

Lightning Bolt leans back a little. Casually, he puts his feet up on his desk. “Well, boy, I can’t slow down your game for you. I don’t ask questions- players, creatures, it’s all the same. But I can make hyper-efficient mid-range creatures look like Grey Ogres. You’ve seen my work with that guy, right? Brilliant. But you do know that I haven’t worked for you in years?” 

Wizards lowers it’s gaze. “We….we know. But we’re desperate. We thought it might not look like an arms race between removal and creatures if we called in past contracts.” 

Bolt smirks. “Hey. I’m just glad to be back in the game.” Slowly, he dons a pair of sunglasses. “Hey, Terminate? Get geared up. We’ve got work to do.”

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